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Carmelite Lectio Divina


Click to Search Prayer Requests for all entries made after June 25th, 2004. In order to search you will need your prayer request ID number which was emailed to you when you submitted your request. Anonymous submissions will have no prayer request ID to search with. Each submission gets its own unique ID number - which corresponds to that prayer request. Individual people do not get ID numbers - only prayer requests get ID numbers - which are only used for searching for names you submitted in the past. 

In order to properly register your prayer requests, first please provide a little basic info about *you*.

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I wish to offer a one time spiritual gift of one half hour before the Blessed Sacrament as an Adorer for the intentions of the Holy Souls and all the prayer requests:
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You may also place the names of living and deceased souls here. Any person, living or dead, whose name is placed here *will* get all the perpetual Masses and also all the graces from all Adorations done by all the volunteers. However, you will *not* be able to search for any souls submitted here. So please provide a good email address (in the box provided above) in order to get your electronic receipt - as that is the *only* verification you will  have of what you entered on this page.
Thank you dear friend.
May God bless you and your special intentions !!


After submitting your prayer requests and names, you will be taken to a page where what you submitted is displayed and you will see the Mother of Perpetual Help and the St Gertrude prayer. Please wait to see this page. Depending on how many people are submitting prayer requests and names, it may take up to 30 seconds. Thank You for your patience.
If you hit submit but you cant get the page with the Mother of Perpetual Help etc prayer to come up please be sure to check your security software, in the "Privacy" section, and add to the allowed list of your firewall program (like Norton).
(please do *not* send me prayer requests - or souls - by email, thanks)
By God's great grace alone, more than 713,552,640 (as of Mar 14, 2017) souls from all over the world have been registered in the Purgatory Project
All Thanksgiving, Glory, Praise and Honor be to God !!
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You can Search the Big Book (for names submitted before June 25, 2004). Click for search help.

You can Search the United States Social Security Death Index (called the SSDI)
The SSDI contains the names of 71,242,488  unique registered 


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(please pray for the souls of all who have died from worldwide terrorism)
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(please pray for all the victims and those who are exhausted and/or in shock and confusion)
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